Sunday, 18 December 2011

Reading rut and challenges

Over the last week I seem to have hit a brief reading rut, to many distractions and generally unable to concentrate, so resorting to re-reading an old favourite. Since that most magical of nights is rapidly approaching thought I would re-read my favourite Christmas read, which happens to be Pratchett's Hogfather.
The other thing I need to update is my challenge commitments for 2012. I have decided to commit to two more reading challenges for the year. Firstly I will do the Speculative fiction challenge hosted by BaffledBooks 2.0 . Just click on the link or the badge to go to the details about the challenge. I will commit to the 'excited' level which means I will read six speculative fiction titles for this challenge, some of them will be double ups for the dystopia and steampunk challenges. I still have to choose at least two more titles for this challenge, but here is the list so far.

1.Burton and Swinburne in Expedition to the mountains of the moon
2. Twenty Thousand leagues under the sea
3.The Knife of Never letting go
4.Children of men

I seem to be having some problems with getting this post to actually post.  I am also planning on doing the Victorian challenge but will put that in a seperate post.

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